What is Dust Made of?

In beginning there was dust and end there will be dust. But most interesting fact is that, between beginning and end has also dust and dust. Let’s explain “What is the dust made of?”

What is Dust Made of
What is Dust Made of? Source – ScienceMag


What is Dust Made of:

At first meet the creature Dermatophagoides farinae. This creature has eight legs to move one place to another place. But is has no eye. Only by smelling power it finds its food source and safe places to lay egg. She is smaller than a regular pinhead and less than a tenth of size from an ant. Dermatophagoides farinae is a dust mite and pretty much available in any place. Its whole world is spread not more than dusty film under your bed or any forgotten place at your home.

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So, this realm in right under our nose. But from our prospective the tiny specks of brilliant color bend together into a nondescript gray color. Now what are those colorful microscopic dust particles? Dust at you house consider with the sand on a sea beach. It contains or a mixture of many different types of ingredients. That’s means it can contains grains of sand, dead skin cells, tiny hairs from human or dog, animal dander, pollen, mane made pollution, minerals from the outer space and dust mites.

A dust mite eats animal dander, human skin and fungi. We human, shade dead skin continuously. So where we live, it mixed with the house hold dust. This process also include out pate like dog and cat. Pet’s dander and hairs mixed with dust. Even dust also contains a tiny piece of cotton fiber from our clothes. It is unique blend of bits from particular inhabitance.

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Regular house hold dust can also contains some unique particle from wider world. It depends on the local geology finely ground quartz, coal or volcanic ash can mixed with the air as atmospheric dust. This atmospheric dust also contains pollen and fungal spores. Same like industrial activity contribute cement powder, burn ash and some other chemical from airborne mixed. Now the combination of those element mixtures can create unique dust realm like fingerprint.

Scientist infinites dust in London, when a massive sand storm happens in Sahara Desert. So distance between London to Sahara Desert can be thousands of miles. So there is possibility in future our scientist can able to identify the dust sample even more specifically about is origins.

Dust from human, animals and landscape mixed with some special particle which is not from the earth. This type of dust piratical come from the space and falls on earth. In long distance from earth, when a star explored in distance galaxy, super hot gases vaporized everything nearby. Then dust settles and mineral condense out of the gas. Then it floats out there between planets to galaxy. This tiny dust particle contains tiny pieces of extinguished stars and the building block of future celestial bodies.

Maybe you will not believe, every year ten thousand of tons cosmic dust lands on our earth. Then it mingles with terrestrial minerals. Now this blend of mineral, chemical and intergalactic particle settles out of the air. It also settles on our home and mixed with the each household component.

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Now we can say, star will explored and mountain will erode and all animal, building are slowly but surely pulverized into the fine gray dust powder. We all are destined to become dust and it also possible we all are came from it. Some interstellar dust has been found to carry some organic components throughout the space. By this system it can be possible million years ago some of this cosmic particle were the seeds of life on our very beautiful little blue planet.

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