Popcorn – How It’s Made?

Till now we don’t know when the Popcorn first explored. But it could happen 1000 of years ago. In a cave in Mexico Popcorn was found and it was old about 65 hundred years old. But till now this unique grain is till popping up from our home to theater. With a big boll of popcorn we can say, it’s a show time. In this post we will learn how popcorn is made?

Popcorn – How it’s Made:

Making process of popcorn, start from the farm. Popcorn is one of six type of Corn and this is the only type that actually pops. But right now we can enhance the popcorn plant for better test, color even the pop-ability. Normally by fall the popcorn plant is ready to harvest. When popcorn harvest that time it contains 16 to 20 percent of moisture which is bit high. For this reason, moisture level need to decrees to level of 14 percent.

They use a big storage and pump the warm air from top and condition the popcorn in a specific way. By this way they minimize the moisture level to 14 percent. It is a kind of critical process that needs to maintain carefully. Because if popcorn is too dry in then it will not pops and if it is too wet then it could be spoil when during storage.

For massive production of popcorn we need a factory with various machines. All machines have its specific tusk and all are maintain carefully. In a factory a series of oscillating screen machine separated broken parts of popcorn and separate. A vacuum pipe collects the broken parts and separated it by two parts. Small broken impurities corn parts move to the dust collector and larger parts move to the west collector. It can be use as an animal food.

In this system machine separate this popcorn in one direction and impurity in another direction. This purification process of popcorn continues at the gravity table. Its vibrating action and blower fan makes popcorn to rise and flowed on air. In this process corns are too heavy and too light separate from each other by vibration. But at the corns at middle is the optimal size of corn for making popcorn.

Then this optimal size of corn moves to another screening machine. All corn now will pass though the different type of sorter. When corns fly that time a sensor track each of them. If there is any problem with any corn then it just blow air pressure and separate it from others.

Now its time to make popcorn by the finest corns. But it needs to pass the quality control. For this reason half pound of corn put inside a pot with oil. When pot reach 446 Degree Fahrenheit, water inside the corn start to steam. When there is lot of pressure inside the corn then it pops. To pass this quality test popcorn have to expand 44 and half time than its original volume.

Popcorn come with different outer color but when it pops it always comes out with white inside. It took six month to grow this popcorn plant and another few weeks for processing.


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