What Would it is Like to Live on The Moon?

Hi, Good Morning! It is a beautiful day, isn’t it? But you know what; I live in underground but not in earth. Even I can reach to up to eight meter by one leap from my bed to washroom. My sink water drains into a very small greenhouse where I grow my own vegetable. After suiting up my first work to check and inspect generator and remove any issue with that. I will reach my generator location by a transport chute. We I reach surface it full black lie last 12 days. Yes, this is another life on the moon. In this post we will learn “What Would it is Like to Live on The Moon?”

Live on The Moon
Live on The Moon. Source – Space.com
Live on The Moon:

With the European Space Agency’s idea to established a first “moon camp” for mankind by the 2020’s. But it seems like that day may be closer. But living on the moon surface is not so easy. The moon camps envisioned is not like a village as an inhabited research based. It can be similar to those placed in Antarctica.

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Cosmic Radiation:

But there is far more obstacles to spend day on moon with could temperature. The biggest problem will be cosmic radiation. Like earth moon has no atmosphere and magnetic field. If you stand on moon surface then you will receive over 400 time heavy ion radiation than maximum safe dosage. This level of radiation is fatal within ten hour even in a spacesuit.

So, first step to built camp on moon by involving the robots and 3D printers constructing covered habitats from lunar soil or building shelters inside the caves. This cave is formed by lava tube from the moon volcanic past.

What Would We Live on:

Our supplies need to be transported from the earth at first. We know growing plants need greenhouse, soil, water and air with Carbon Dioxide gas which is rare on moon. But it could be synthesized from recycle material. Water treatment plant can be supplied by ice mined from the moon polar reasons. This job can be done by a very specialized drill that can bore two meter beneath the moon surface. Another thing is that, friendly bacteria’s and viruses are necessary for the human micro-biome and immunes system. This type of bacteria’s and viruses are free in earth.

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On lunar surface you will feel weight less and you can move long distance by a single jump. It so cool, isn’t it. But remember the weight you had when you are on earth. You will become fattier without exercise. On lunar inhabitance would have to exercise for hours a day to maintain bones and muscle mass. Moon gravity is just one-sixth that of the earth.

But Why Moon:

It looks like very strength to go through all those trouble to build a base on dead rock where we already visited. But truth is that NASA’s Apollo Mission only explored a portion of the moon. After that mission we discovered much information about moon. It includes ice near the poles and particle on solar wind gases that date back billion of years. Till now moon has much to teach us about the history of our solar system.

Lunar surface is rich in minerals like silicon, aluminum, magnesium and helium-3 creating a great economic potential for mining. But the biggest advantage of moon camp is not lie on moon, it’s beyond the moon. Because out only International Space Center is going to retired in about a decade then moon base will be first foothold towards become interplanetary species.

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Moons smaller gravitational force will help us to lunch new ships with more cargo but burning less fuel. In the mean time base on the moon surface will be use as testing ground for our future space operation. It cans also use as refueling station and a supply depot all in one. With Europe, Russia, China and U.S are expressing the interest on this project. This moon camp can be involved space agency of all nations with private space agency. If it becomes true then we can say within a decade moon surface will be mining operation, research station and tourist routes. We may already visited the moon but now we are closer than before to make it our humanity’s home.

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