Football – How It’s Made

World Cup is knocking our door were 32 countries going to participate with their national team. All countries are coming in this tournament with their best players. But did you thought how Football is made and what is behind this iconic ball? If you are a great fan of Football and till don’t know How Football is made this is the right article you are reading. So without any delay let’s find out “Football – How It’s Made?”

Football-How it's Made
Football – How it’s Made:

Football is playing all over the worlds. That’s means a lot of people is involved with this ball. For this reason, you will find many international and local football manufacturers. All sports company is competing with each other to design this ball which will be rounder and faster than before. Outside of this ball are made from a sheet of foam. This foam is coated with polyurethane and it helps to stop it from getting scuffed when you are playing football.

Next process it will attach to an inner layer. For this reason, the manufacturer prepares the foam by coating it in glue. Generally, they use latex glue which is elastic. It helps layer to stay together when you are kicking this ball about 80 miles per hour. Then sheets are left on the rack and in the meantime glue become tacky. In the next process, they join these two layers together. The foams are placed on the top of the inner layer which is made from a very special fiber. It will help the ball keep it in shape.

A worker uses a hand roller to press them together. After this step, the layer is passing through a machine that applies pressure to the sheets. This pressure makes a permanent bond between sheets. Usually, this foam gives the ball explosive energy that makes it fly off the boot when you kick this ball.

You will find some image on the football. This image is not just important for the players. It is also important for football. Football usually designs put on a screen printer. A special press machine uses to punch out the shapes panel that will make football. Each ball made of 32 panels. Where 20 are hexagons and 12 are pentagons. Then workers bundle them together and make a stack. Then these stacks will be sent to the stitching department. All panels are sewn together by hand and need a skilled person to do it. The worker will use 15 meters of thread pear ball and it will take three and a half hour to finish it.

But “Adidas Telstar 18” which is the official ball of 2018 FIFA World Cup and it just uses 6 textured panels. All panels seamlessly glued together like Adidas Brazuca. Worker leaves few panels unstitched. This will helps the ball to turn out with the right way. After that, an inner tube gets in and ball sewed up completely.

Then this ball filled with air and place in a special machine that presses the ball at high pressure from outside. It also heats the ball at 70 degrees and makes the ball more even and perfectly round shape. After that, it’s time to go through the quality inspection. Because FIFA has some regulation and restriction that need to follow for each ball.

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Ball needs to weight between 410 to 450 grams and inflated to a pressure between 0.6 and 1.1 standard atmospheres at sea level. Rules state that a size 5 ball must be 68 to 70 cm in circumference. When the ball meets all requirements then it will kick out from the factory.

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