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What is Consciousness?

Here are two images of a house. There’s one obvious difference, but to this patient, P.S., they looked completely identical. P.S. had suffered a stroke that damaged the right side of her brain, leaving her unaware of everything on her left side. But though she could discern no difference between the houses, when researchers asked

What Causes Hallucinations?

Rosalie was sitting in her nursing home when her room suddenly burst to life with twirling fabrics. She was an old woman. You can say an old woman can hallucinate due to her age level. But how human hallucinate? In this post, we will learn “What Causes Hallucinations?” Hallucinations: Let’s come to Rosalie. Through the

What Would it is Like to Live on The Moon?

Hi, Good Morning! It is a beautiful day, isn’t it? But you know what; I live in the underground but not on earth. Even I can reach to up to eight meters by one leap from my bed to the washroom. My sink water drains into a very small greenhouse where I grow my own

What are Gravitational Waves?

In the morning on 14-September, 2015 about 6 o’clock scientist witness something special that no human ever experienced. But it was not on earth. It was in space. That time two black holes colliding. Those black holes are thirty times massive than our sun. These two black holes had been orbiting to each other for

What is Dust Made of?

In beginning there was dust and end there will be dust. But the most interesting fact is that between the beginning and end has also dust and dust. Let’s explain “What is the dust made of?” What is Dust Made of: At first, meet the creature Dermatophagoides farinae. This creature has eight legs to move