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Transformer – How It’s Made

Electrical Power Transformer we can see everywhere in our neighboring street. It has an important role in our daily life. Our home equipment can operate with the high voltage that we generate in Power Station. This is the only equipment in a substation that step down the voltage level from high voltage. In this post,

Boiler – How It’s Made

The boiler used to heat water and generates steam from water. Steam is used from the food processing plant to power plant. In power, plant steam uses to run a steam turbine to generate electricity. Steam has an effective roll in our modern life. Generally, there is two types of boiler are available. First one is

Fuses – How It’s Made

Fuses are available from the 90th century. It came with various size and rating. But the main purpose of the electrical fuse is the same as today. Till now we are using fuses from Power Plant to Grid Line and Home Appliance to Mobile Device. Fuses protect our electrical system or circuit when there is

Football – How It’s Made

World Cup is knocking our door were 32 countries going to participate with their national team. All countries are coming in this tournament with their best players. But did you thought how Football is made and what is behind this iconic ball? If you are a great fan of Football and till don’t know How

Popcorn – How It’s Made?

Till now we don’t know when the Popcorn first explored. But it could happen 1000 of years ago. In a cave in Mexico Popcorn was found and it was old about 65 hundred years old. But till now this unique grain is still popping up from our home to theater. With a big bowl of